Max Strength Get Thick Quick Bigger Butt, Hips, Enhancement Cream - Black
Max Strength Get Thick Quick Bigger Butt, Hips, Enhancement Cream  - Black
Max Strength Get Thick Quick Bigger Butt, Hips, Enhancement Cream  - Black
Max Strength Get Thick Quick Bigger Butt, Hips, Enhancement Cream - Black $25.99
GET THICK Quick Black - is our newest product that contains herbal extracts & Roots including Black Maca Root along with fatty acids which are said to help you gain & achieve curves & Plumpness in the breast, butt, hip & thigh areas. 

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No, All of our Reviews on results achieved are from  ACTUAL customer reviews and their experience using our products. Time frames on results vary from each individual, however based on customer reviews an estimated time frame to notice slight changes are within 2 - 4 weeks and may take even longer.

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Have you used the products consistently? Did you follow a routine? These things you MUST do to get optimum results. You have a role to play and your role is to follow directions accurately. You can not skip a day of use. You must continue using until you are finished with the product. This is to allow the product to build up in your body. If you skip a day its like starting all over again. If you follow a routine and stay consistent You should get results.
No, simply eating healthy and staying on routine will help you achieve your goals, however exercising wont hurt & may even help speed up the process.
We want all our customers to reach their desired goal, but we tell our customers to make sure your goal is realistic, for example if you are completely flat then do not expect a 1 month ( 1 jar ) supply of cream will get you to a DD. That is impossible. However you will become more full and with continued use (but not long term use) You will be able to possibly increase in size. This goes for the butt area too, if you are completely flat you may need more then 1 jar. Patience is the key.
Yes if you prefer, However it is cheaper to make purchases on our site because we do not incur fees as we do no Ebay, so we can offer you a better deal here. Also note you can not use any of our coupon codes on ebay if you would like to make a purchase on ebay click here


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Their is 3 ways of contacting us by email at , Live Help or submit a form on the contact us page and we will contact you back within 24-48 hrs
No, due to the nature of our product we can not accept returns, so make sure this is something you really want before purchasing, or you may want to order a small amount to see how it works for you, then later purchase a bigger Combo

Yes, We do not use any harmful ingredients, steroid, synthetics or chemicals in our products

However our items do contain ingredients that some people may be allergic to such as Nut Oils,Soy & Royal Jelly which comes from bee's. So we would highly recommend contacting a physician prior to use, if you have one of these allergies.

No, although our items are completely safe we do not recommend using on your body while pregnant due to your body already experiencing hormonal changes. We do not recommend nursing while using our products especially if you plan on using on the breast area.

For fastest results we recommend staying on a daily routine. You only need to stay consistent with taking the products in the beginning to allow it to build up in your system. Once it's built up and you achieved your desired goal you no longer need to use.

Yes all results are permanent

Results vary from each individual. We do not or can not make a specific claim on when you would actually receive your results, because this depends on several things 1) If you are using as directed 2) The amount used 3) How often used 4) If you are staying consistent

What we can give you is an average based on customers reviews. On average our customers reported seeing results in as little as 2 weeks.

Due to privacy I cannot give you information about our customers you are more then welcome and encouraged to read our reviews on ebay

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Yes, our products were made to WORK. We have REAL customer reviews and also have a 97 % positive feed back rate.

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