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What's The Difference Between Thickquick Powder and Get Thick Quick Powder?

Want to know the difference between Thickquick and Get Thick Quick Powder?   Here is our unbiased take on the difference

Thickquick is a whey protein based powder that has a few added vitamins that is suppose to help you gain curves. containing 310 calories  per serving. The concept is great as it has a bunch of cool tasty flavors however you can get 310 calories by drinking 2 glasses of whole vitamin D milk. It also doesn't have any other ingredients that are said to help obtain curves.

The Perks 

  • Tastes Great
  • Has added vitamins


The Problems

  • Leaves you gassy
  • Manufactured & packaged in a facility which also processes eggs, nuts, milk, soy, & fish 
  • Not good if you have an allergy to those ingredients
  • Just an average weight gain powder with a catchy name that sounds familiar ...hint hint (Get Thick Quick Powder)  <3


Get Thick Quick Weight Gain Powder with enhancement herbs is a protein whey based powder that also contains herbs in it that are said to help women get curves. These herbs are also said to be beneficial to help regulate hormones.

The Perks

  • Unflavored so you can add whatever artificial flavor you like
  • Is a weight gain powder with ADDED herbs so its nothing like the rest on the market.
  • Has added Enhancement herbs that are said to help with obtaining curves
  • Is not manufactured in a facility that processes other items
  • good for people with allergies
  • contains herbs that help regulate your hormones

The Problems

  • You get less product than you would with Thickquick 


All in all, BOTH products will help you achieve curves. 


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