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Tips for achieving faster results while using "Get Thick" Cream

We all tend to be really impatient when there''s something that we WANT... Especially if it's something that we might want Really... Really bad, but with all things take TIME right? However we can always do EXTRA things in conjunction with what we are already doing to speed up the process. So lets take a look at a few tips that when combined will help you achieve your body goals at a faster rate.

1) Stay consistent- Doing this will help you reach your goals much faster. What we mean by this is, follow a daily routine for example: If you purchased our Get Thick Cream, Pills and Soap Combo try this routine...Wake up take your capsule with a full glass of milk, juice or water. Get in the shower wash your body with our Plumping Soap allow to remain on skin for 3-5 minutes , get out the shower and immediately apply Get Thick Cream until fully absorbed do this daily and do not skip any days.


2.) Make a shake- or eat breakfast anything that will boost up your caloric intake you can use our weight gain powder or any protein powder of your choice. What I like about ours, is its not just a regular protein powder it actually contains Phytoestrogen carrying herbs in it.

3.) Exercise- Do light weight exercises so that you can tone your body while Getting Thick


4.) Eat 3 times a day and if you can't try to at the least drink your calories.

5.) Repeat the same thing the next day. Remember the goal is to stay on routine. If you want to achieve your goals you must work for it, it will not be easy , but in the long run it will be worth it <3

Doing all these things or even just a few combined with using our products will help you get the fastest results possible.

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