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Get Thick Tips

Here we will explain several tips to help you reach results even faster while using our products, make sure to read below for some excellent tips from our customers.

Gaining weight can be a depressing thing, especially if you've struggled with it for a long time. Our goals is to help you reach your goal! So here is several tips that you can use in conjunction with other methods to "Get Thick".

1.) Eat breakfast

We know this sounds so cliche but eating breakfast is ESSENTIAL to putting on some pounds, put it like this... At night you're sleep for 6-8 hrs, during that time you're NOT eating. So as soon as you wake up eat something. It can be something as small as a banana which is high in calories for a fruit.  Once you get into the routine of eating breakfast daily, you will begin to notice your appetite is increasing more and more throughout the day.

2.) Exercise

Believe it or not exercising is really beneficial during your "Get Thick" journey. People that are thin tend to shy away from exercising thinking it will make them "thinner" or "skinnier" this is so NOT TRUE. There is different forms of exercising, we would recommend lifting light weights. This will build muscle without causing you to lose weight. As long as you are not doing cardio then you shouldn't worry about losing weight from exercising.

3.) Take a supplement

Taking supplements along with your meal is highly recommended for getting thick. You can use our Get Thick Pills, Weight Gain Powder or any supplement that you are interested in.

4.) Increase your calorie intake

Calories are your best friend while struggling to gain weight. If you get full fast try eating peanuts, walnuts, almonds, or anything in the nut category. They are extremely high in calories and will not fill you up right away, which results in you having more room in your belly for more food aka calories.

5.) Drink smoothies

smoothies are great and delicious way to get your calories, if you hate eating then drink your calories! Please check out our other blog post with some high calorie smoothie recipes!


1.) Before applying our cream, lotions or oil take a warm shower or bath. This will allow for better penetration and absorption for faster results

2.) Take our Get Thick Pills, Syrups 1hr before a meal with a cup of milk, juice or water.

3.) Massage the area for 5 mins prior to applying our products

4.) Exfoliate the area by using a scrub, Scrub area for 5 minutes then follow up with our Cream, Lotion or oil.


Now that you have a few tips to aid you in your way to your new THICK body. Here is some gathered tips from our customers  

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