Why was I refunded?

There are several reasons why you may have been refunded.

1.) If your mailing address and credit card/debit card address do not match the registered address of your debit/credit card you may be refunded.

2.) If you have been blocked from purchases due to fraud you will be refunded.

3.) If there are issues with your mailing address or you did not put a valid ship to address  and we can not contact you for verification you will be refunded.

4.) If you have a p.o box rather than a residential address you will be refunded. If your credit/debit card matches the p.o box address we will honor the order and you will not be refunded.

5.) If we do not ship to your location you will be refunded.

*Please note that we refund right away however it takes your bank up to 3 BUSINESS days to process the refund so it may not show up right away until after your bank processes it.

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