How do I send my before/ after pic or review to be used on the website

You can send your review or before/ after pic to make sure to put in the subject area "Before/After"  We ask that if taking the pic you display our product somewhere either by holding or sitting it down on a counter or table where it can be displayed, doing this ensures that you ACTUALLY used our products and that the images are not stolen off the internet. We do not want any of our customers being deceived. We will not accept pictures that do not display our products. Once we receive the picture we will send you a personal discount code for a good amount off future purchase that can only be used once.

You agree that once you send the picture it will be the property of Build The Perfect Body makers of Get Thick Products and that your picture may be used on our website in future promotions and/or marketing. We will not show your face unless you give us permission to when you submit the pic or review.