How do I send my before/after pic or review to be used on the website

It's very easy simply go to the product page scroll down to the bottom and on the left you will see an area that says " write a review" you can write your review there. If you submit an photo or video will will receive a personalized discount code for a good percentage off. Please note that we only want reviews that are from actual buyers, in some instances we will ask for your order number to ensure you were an actual customer of ours. We like to keep the integrity of our site at an all time high and do not want any of our customers deceived by fake reviews. We ask that when submitting the review you display our product.

We may also send a request for review after a certain time frame to see how your progress is going


You agree that once you send the picture it will be the property of Build The Perfect Body makers of Get Thick Products and that your picture may be used on our website in future promotions and/or marketing. We will not show your face unless you give us permission to when you submit the pic or review.


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